eCommerce is in a period of rapid innovation.

Gutenberg, the WordPress Block Editor was released in 2018. It was a tremendous change in how WordPress websites were developed. It has taken years to squash bugs in the tool and for plugin developers to adjust to the new environment. Add to that the inertia of developers reluctant to move to the new way of doing things and you learn that change is slow.

eCommerce is complicated.

There are many moving parts that must function perfectly to give the customer a satisfactory experience. Website building tools like SureCart have harnessed the power of the new tools to make major improvements in both function as well as their user interface.

This means useful, but complicated, functions are available to non-coders.

Many of the best tools have a free version!

eCommerce novices can use their limited funds to buy quality hosting, which provides the reliable, high speed, service sites need to rank well.

Our goal at OakCo is to create educational materials which get eCommerce novices up to speed with a carefully selected assortment of plugins that will scale as your eCommerce business grows.

OakCo is eCommerce the “SURE” way

Adam Preiser & Brainstorm Force have teamed up to produce innovative products for eCommerce using the block editor and fanatical attention to superior User Interface design. These products are being marketed with the word “Sure” as part of the product domain names. When combined with GeneratePress, GenerateBlocks, CPT UI, & ACF, the result is a free suite of tools which will put the novice eCommerce entrepreneur on the path to success.

Since these foundational pieces of your eCommerce website are free, you can spend more for quality hosting. The combination of these well coded tools plus good hosting will help ensure your ecommerce venture will have the best possible results for page load times & other core metrics.

See our Tech Stack for more details about the products we review.

Of course, you can still mess things up if you don’t optimize your images.